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The Ramu Block 3 FMA, is a PNG Forest Authority,  proposed logging concession in Middle Ramu Disrict,  Madang Province.

Awareness to landowners and  Inventory work to prepare this area for logging was undertaken by the PNGFA on the 23rd of to 30th of June and 23rd October to 11th of September,  respectively this year.

Most of the Landowners are eager for the Ramu block 3 FMA project to be implemented while some are apprehensive for the problems faced in the neighboring Ramu block 1 FMA.

For some of us who wants to have this project implemented, it is for the need to acquire the following;

  1. An All Weather Road and Permanent Bridge crossing, to connect the Ramu block 3 FMA with Madang Town.
  2. Construction of Health Facilities like Aid posts per major villages and 1 or 2 Health Centres, to be built using Health Levies from the timber proceeds.
  3. Elementary and Primary schools, a vocational Centre and a high school to be built, using Education Levies from the Timber proceeds.
  4. A major cash crop plantation (Oil Palm or cocoa) to be funded by the developer with downstream processing facilities to ensure the livelihood and infrastructures obtained from the FMA are sustained in decades to come.

We do admit that our aspirations are very much like that of other timber resource landowners in many areas in PNG, but most of their dreams were somehow lost because of landowner mismanagement and political interferences. These we hope to use as examples or stepping stones to avoid and guide us to achieve our goals.

It is our intent to lobby for and acquire support from the NGOs in the country in the early stages of the project preparatory process so that landowners can be guided to achieve sustainability and environmental protection laws are strictly adhered to during and after the extraction of timber resources. 10 % of the entire FMA area will be conserved as is our intention.

For interested parties to learn more about the Ramu block 3 FMA area, its geography terrains, road accessibility, land mass area, timber species and timber volumes etc, do contact the author on this email address, or phone number, +675 73726470.

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The embarrassing tale of the King James Bible present to PNG: Fraud, Corruption, Hypocrisy, Cargo Cultism, and amusement

PNGexposed Blog

By Anonymous and via Nineteen Years and Counting

The gift of the supposed 1st edition 1st imprint of the 1611 King James Bible to Papua New Guinea is an amazing piece of drama.  It wraps and presents in a single, digestible story all the craziness, hypocrisy and corruption that characterises PNG today.


Deceiving the people about what this Bible present represented was perpetrated largely by PNG Parliamentary speaker Theo Zurenuoc, who is so immersed in his magical cargo cult dream world that even having the whole world laugh at him wouldn’t cause him to pause and reflect. Zurenuoc’s fraud was four-fold:

The Fraud:  The Bible was not delivered by any American government party in Indiana.  Instead the event was an exchange between churches at the small The Fraud: The Bible was not delivered by any American government party in Indiana. Instead the event was an exchange between churches at the small “Interchurch Holiness Convention” of fundamentalists in Dayton, Ohio

1. An American government gift?   Zurenouc originally said that the gift was coming from…

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Tommy Tomscoll is unsuitable for Middle Ramu leadership

The current member for Middle Ramu, Mr. Assik Tommy Tomscoll, is the worst performing MP in this current parliament.

While other MPs, including the Prime Minister and leaders of the Opposition are reported to be visiting their electorates, this ignorant man is either in Moresby or out of the country.

The main health centre in Aiome is without vital drugs, the Bogia-Josephstaal road is inaccessible, and many other basic services providing infrastructures are run down. Still we have no indication or promise by Tomscoll to alleviate this situation.

Public Servants from the District Administratiors are not in Aiome, Josephstaal or Simbai to monitor service delivery, all because of Tomscoll’s no care attitude.

The people need to ask Tomscoll to acquit the Middle Ramu DSIP Funds of 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015. Where has these monies gone to?

Tomscoll has to be investigated, in his spending of all 3 years of DSIP spending.

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I would like to put this out for the country, to see and draw attention to the controversial Middle Ramu Block 1 FMA timber project in Madang.
Belden Namah awarded this project to Madang Timbers Ltd without the knowledge of my people and the Madang Provincial Executive Council on the 16th of March 2012.
The landowners of the Middle Ramu Block 1 FMA are crying foul over this because of the following reasons;
1. Another company, Timbers PNG Ltd was selected by the National Forest Board in 2007 and is on the ground. This company was accepted by the landowners because of its financial capacity and qualification over other applicants including Madang Timbers.
2. Madang Timbers challenged the NFBs decision in 2008, and the Supreme Court ruled in November 2009, that the NFB SHALL reconsider the Madang Timbers draft project agreement.
The SC didn’t direct the NFB to select Madang Timbers as the developer of Middle Ramu Block 1 FMA. The NFB was still reconsidering when Namah came into power as the forest minister and made this decision.
3. Madang Timbers was among 16 applicants that applied for the project during the project tender in 2005. This company was totally rejected by the entire Middle Ramu people because of its devastation of the adjacent Sogerap TRP project. Up until today, they haven’t built any health, education and a good roads and bridges link infrastructure in return for the Sogeram peoples timber resource. If they can fail miserably in almost 20 years of operation, how can they be qualified for the 35 years project life span of Middle Ramu and give us maximum benefit in return?
They have failed to post a profit, failed to meet production target set by the state and have run down machineries while operating in Sogeram. These are some of the reasons why we rejected this unqualified, anti-landowner and pro-corruption company.
As observed, this company will engage a sub-contractor from its country to operate in Middle Ramu which is uneconomical for landowner commercial aspirations.
Madang Timbers is a total reject and will never be accepted in Middle Ramu.
4. Timbers PNG Ltd was accepted by the entire landowners of Middle Ramu Block 1 FMA since the project tender in 2005 till today. Because its draft project agreement have met the expectations of our project tender. The most desired is to aquire an all weather road and a steel bridge over the wide Sogeram river.
In only 8 months of operations between 2008-2009, Timbers PNG Ltd has built an estimated 8 million kina bridge and was still constructing the Middle Ramu highway when halted by the Supreme Court in 2009.
4. The Supreme Court comprising their honors, Justice Ellis, Cannings and Kariko in 27 Nov 2009, among other things directed that the “NFB shall consider the Madang Timbers draft project agreement.
This is the directive from the SC and this process should be followed. But why should Namah step in and allocate this project to Madang Timbers thus over riding the SC directives?

Belden Namah and his crony the Madang Timbers owner should know that the legally appointed Middle Ramu Block 1 landowner committee and the entire ILG chairman have resolved not to let you walk over us as you did in Vanimo. This is not Vanimo!
You may have depleted your timber resources and become an over night millionaire over your peoples resource but you should know this fact. MADANG TIMBERS IS NOT WELCOME HERE BECAUSE OF REASONS STATED ABOVE!

I ask the Ombudsman Commision to investigate Belden Namah and his link with Madang Timbers a subsidiary of the WTK Malaysian group of companies and its sub contractor Woodbank Pacific Ltd based in Vanimo. See the Link; Woodbank of Vanimo and a millionaire logger forest minister from Vanimo Green? You take it from there.

Thd ministry of Environment and Conservation should also beware that no Project Impact Statement was declared to us before Namah awarded the logging permit to Madang Timbers. Our pristine jungle is destined for rape and plunder by this company and the forest minister, without any thought of conservation.
Finally to conclude, I am not as educated as can be observed by the writting of this appeal. But if I dont do it, then who’s goung to fight for my people who are not literate at all? Before it’s too late and blood may be shed, something should be done.
Education is one of the key reason why we want a viable developer other than Madang Timbers. No other landowner here can appeal as I am appealing for their rejection of Belden Namahs appointed developer. Any relevant authority I have not mentioned here but if you can assist in any way are most welcome to post on my blog anaramsai your advice and my people will take from there.

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